helping humans to operate within the domain of complex hypermedia based information structures..


We are a small team of london based agile enthusiasts able to design, build, deliver and maintain outstanding web based applications. We are passionate about agile processes; giving us a client focused approach.

we deliver value

  • we practice behaviour driven development
  • follow an outside in methodology
  • feature driven development
  • we are client focused

  • we do agile stuff
  • we like transparency

  • quality

  • we practice test driven development
  • SOLID based object oriented development
  • we practice pair programming
  • we prefer rest/resource based APIs
  • cloud based solutions
  • building for success

  • in order to build the product you want
  • whilst keeping cost low
  • and delivering on time
  • with a view to future scale
  • and respond to change
  • services.

    • web application development
    • real time communication
    • web and graphic design
    • relational database development
    • search engine optimisation
    • e-commerce, cms, mobile, single page application, social media
    • document database development
    • rest services
    • cloud based solutions


    Underscore redis grunt



    28th February 2012

    Socket.IO Real-time Web Application Development
    If you are interested in Socket.IO/Node.js, I would highly recommend this book.

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    18th June 2012

    node.js boilerplate - SSL/TLS with express &
    We would like to secure various pages of our node.js boilerplate; we have in place a very crude but functioning login form...

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    7 May 2012

    node.js boilerplate - client side templating; express 3.0
    The race by browser developers to develop even faster JavaScript engines has made client side templating a realistic alternative to server side templating...

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